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There are lots of new and exciting things happening at CSD Print and we’d like to share them with you via our blog. If you have any comments or queries please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you

CSDPrint is bucking the trend

CSDPrint smashes digital printing targets

The printing and signage sector is mostly male dominated, we’re sure that won’t come as a surprise. And whilst there has been much in our trade press about how we must all try harder to improve opportunities for women, we feel there is a positive shift. It might only be a small one but it’s definitely happening.

A recent article quoted a ratio of women to men of 1:10 working in print or signage but we know of a few businesses that are doing better than that. CSDPrint for one – we’re really bucking the trend with our 1:3!

Four members of our fantastic team are women. We have Lucy who helps with marketing; artwork guru Gemma; super senior account executive Sam and our tenacious lady at the top, MD Gail.

Having a mix of gents and ladies brings many benefits to our business but for us it’s not about positive discrimination, it’s more to do with getting great people on board. Disappointingly when we advertise new posts we don’t get that many women applying. There have been a few more recently but it would be fabulous if there were more.

Our business has evolved massively over the last five years not just in terms of the people we employ but the way we operate. The biggest change has been switching from screen to digital printing and investing heavily in the latest technology. We now print and manufacturer a much larger range of materials including a lots of signs and display units.

We also work with many big name retail brands, construction companies, automotive dealer networks and marketing agencies. All together the broader mix of products and clients has significantly boosted CSD Print’s performance, so much so that we’ve been smashing our targets consistently all year but we’re not resting on our laurels.

As every successful business knows, you can’t stand still. You have to keep evolving.


Never enough exhibition budget?

Exhibtion stands, banners stands and all the stand accessories you need


Maximising exhibition budgets is something we excel at. That’s a bold statement to make but when it comes to attending trade shows and exhibitions we know, from over 30 years’ experience, what works and what doesn’t.

To provide as much flexibly as possible we stock an extensive range of exhibition stand formats. We have everything from small budget, single pull-up banner stands to bigger budget combination flat or curved units and we can even design bespoke installations.  For more stand formats see

And of course putting together a stand that has lots of impact doesn’t just come down to the wall graphics. If you want to create a more immersive visitor experience we produce free standing display cases, tablet and TV stands here, in-house at CSDPrint.

To get your exhibition project off to the right start call and ask for Gail or Dan.

Secret services

Large format printing partnerships


There’s a big part of our business that we can’t talk about which is a bit of a shame but we totally accept why. It’s the work CSDPrint does for a very large number of advertising and design agencies.

A lot of the printing we do for them is absolutely fabulous; often it’s for really big brands. You’ll walk past our work in automotive showrooms, retail outlets and large construction sites up and down the country but we can’t shout about it.

Being discrete is integral to the print partnering service we provide to our agency clients. We keep a very low profile making absolutely sure that our client’s relationship with their client isn’t compromised in any way at all.

We are meticulously thorough in our approach and understand that effective communication is the key to a smooth running print project. So, for example we ensure all large format printed materials ordered through us are ‘blank cover’ packaged and proof of delivery documentation is forwarded immediately to the appropriate agency account handler.

Experience has taught us how important it is for our agency clients to have all the information they need to check a supplier has done the job properly.

If you have a challenging printing mission that needs discretion and precision you know who to contact don’t you?

AW18 retail campaigns

large format digitally printed retail window posters

Gorgeous posters for Pure Collection

Our production schedule is beginning to fill up with Autumn Winter retail marketing campaign orders which is lovely because we love a bit of retail!

CSDPrint has over 30 years’ experience of working with retailers, we’ve worked for a very broad spectrum of companies in that time from small independents to leading high street names, and all across the UK too.

Probably the most important aspect of the work we do for our retail clients is providing a complete management service. That includes overseeing artwork specifications, selecting the most appropriate materials, proofing, printing, meticulously collating and packing all items and ensuring they are delivered to exactly the right place at the right time. We always provide our clients with proof of delivery details so that every order is totally trackable.

It is this complete wrap-around service that our retail clients in particular say they really like.

So if you are looking for a print partner who can look after the production of your vinyl stickers, shelf edge strips, show cards, header boards, gondola tops, window posters or any point-of-sale item for that matter you know where to come.

You might be interested to know we also have all the equipment in-house to produce acrylic and foamex bespoke free-standing or counter top display units, and exterior store signs again using acrylic and foamex or anti-graffiti laminated dibond.

Give us a call if you’d like to talk about any aspect of your printed retail marketing needs.

Our hoarding boards are attracting attention

Rian Developments


Word about our fab project management team is definitely spreading!

We’ve had a very busy month fitting lots of construction site signs and hoardings, and three of the most recent jobs have been hundreds of miles away.

And what’s even nicer is we’re getting some really great feedback from our hoardings clients  praising us for our attention to detail and flexibility.

One of our most recent printed perimeter sign projects was for a new housing development in Kent. The site not only had a number of different gradients but also large trees which needed protecting. We took all of this into account when we surveyed the site and adjusted the artwork for the boards accordingly.

As well as making sure our clients’ artwork is absolutely spot on, we also provide header and kicker boards with every large format hoarding board order because they are one of those finishing touches that make all the difference.

Sometimes setting up large construction or redevelopment sites doesn’t always go exactly to plan, so our fitting team understands it’s important to be flexible. We’re used to working ‘out of hours’ and at short notice if needed.

We digitally print full colour hoarding boards up to 8ft x 4ft. These boards can be used individually for single new home promotions and for the entrances to larger multi-home sites for example, or can be connected together to surround an entire development.

As well as producing hoardings to virtually any size, we can also print onto a number of different materials. Depending on your budget and how long you want your construction site hoarding to last, CSDPrint will recommend the most appropriate substrates including anti-graffiti laminated dibond, foamex and 100% eco-friendly Correx and Polypropylene Bubble Board.

If you have any queries about large format digitally printed site advertising, please get in touch 01977-551910.

Fancy a freebie?

cut and bent acrylic


We’ve been having some fun with our new cutting and heat bending equipment, we’ve putting it to the test making lots of acrylic samples to give away.

If you are interested in finding out just what we can produce in-house get in touch and we’ll bring some samples to show you.

Whilst these phone stands and pen pots are nifty give-aways, the majority of acrylic products we make are much larger. For example we’ve just manufactured a range of acrylic product display units for a lighting wholesaler and ipad lecterns for exhibition stands.

We can either work to your designs or can develop a bespoke design tailored to your exact requirements. We’ll make prototypes you can test too.

And its not just 3 dimensional products we can make and print onto here at CSDPrint, we are still producing lots of acrylic signs and graphics. In fact there are a couple of 3m x 2m signs coming off the presses now. They’ll be packed and ready to be dispatched to  a construction client in London later this afternoon.



It’s Samantha’s first anniversary

Fantastic customer service from CSDPrint's Sam Ripley

Here is Sam at Hillam Proms

Samantha – or Sam as we all call her – is a particularly crucial member of the CSDPrint team.

Her fantastic attention to detail, super time management and problem solving skills mean that she has become a very efficient Senior Account Executive since she joined us just 12 months ago.

One of Sam’s main focus’ is to make it as easy as possible for clients to order from us and, then when they have, to ensure everything goes as efficiently as it can.

“I’m having the most amazing time at CSDPrint; I’m learning so much and really enjoy the huge variety of clients I look after.”

Sam manages many different projects ranging from organising the collation, dispatch and delivery of complex marketing campaigns for leading retail like Pure Collection and Regatta to carefully assisting new businesses who have never printed before and need lots of help.

Sam adds: “Even in the relatively short time I’ve been part of the business I’ve seen some significant changes. The CAD cutter installed at the end of last year is attracting a lot of new enquiries because we now have a lot more products to offer. Adapting to the rush of interest has been a huge but really exciting learning curve.”

Brand building with Total

exhibition graphics for Total UK

Here is the third in our series of case studies. This time we are focusing on the work we do for Total UK.

Client: Total UK lubricants division   

The lubricants division of global brand Total UK is based at Ferrybridge in Yorkshire. It manufactures and distributes oil to over 150 countries worldwide.


Total UK was looking for a print partner to support all aspects of their extensive brand awareness activities, following a rigorous pre-contracting process they selected CSDPrint.


Adhering to brand guidelines is particularly important to Total UK. As a world leader, ensuring consistency throughout all of its marketing materials is a must, whether that’s when producing health and safety vinyl stickers, promotional posters, mesh banners or exhibition stands.

CSDPrint has worked closely with Total UK’s design team developing a large number of bespoke items including:

  • Free-standing exhibition graphics
  • Ipad lecturns
  • Product display units
  • Trackside totem display graphics
  • Media interview platforms
  • Staff information suites


CSDPrint ensures effective project management through close liaison with Total UK’s marketing team. We meticulously quality check and proof at all stages of production and finishing.

The production team is particularly adept at collaborative project brain-storming, pro-actively sourcing new materials and preparing samples.

Happy client:

Wayne Clarida of Total UK said…

“We are extremely pleased with how effectively CSDPrint has taken over the management of our printed marketing requirements. The quality of the finished goods is excellent and their customer service values are exceptional.

“The whole process from ordering to delivery is seamless. We particularly appreciate their involvement when working on special one-off projects whether that’s a large interactive exhibition stand or a series of health and safety graphics.”


Wrap around customer service


Here at CSDPrint we love getting stuck into BIG projects just like we did with Bell Lighting’s new 120 page product catalogue. We do our very best to take all the hassle away by effectively project managing every aspect.

That starts with listening very carefully to what’s wanted. We then consider if there are any alternative options that might improve the quality of the finished materials or the efficiency of production.

Our team is hugely experienced and we have a big selection of machinery so we can often suggest more effective ways of printing things. When it comes to advising about which are the best materials, our 30 years’ experience means we’ve tried and tested pretty much everything you can print onto and a few you can’t! We are happy to provide samples to help ease the decision making process.

Next it’s all about getting the right artwork. This can be fraught with problems as there are so many different ways to generate a design but our approach is all about taking a bit of extra time to help make sure it’s absolutely spot on. Give Gemma or Glynn our artwork gurus a call if you need any guidance.

Then there are the proofing stages to check everything looks good including matching colours – see our previous blog for more colour matching info

Whilst the digital printing and finishing team are gearing up to make sure an order is collated and packaged to perfection our dispatch team set about the logistics. This can be where the hard work is won or lost. We are dab hands at getting packages of in-store point-of-sale to our retail clients or sales campaign materials to automotive dealerships wherever they are in the country.

Making absolutely sure everything gets to the right person on time and in the most effective manner is critical. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our delivery planning and proof of delivery checking. It’s all in the detail you know!

Suffice it to say, 30,000 fantastic quality Bell Lighting brochures were delivered on 12 pallets to the right place at exactly the right time.


We’ve changed just a bit…

exterior signage

Making an entrance

Looking around CSDPrint HQ it’s hard to remember how things used to look six months ago. Now we have machines cutting large format dibond exterior signs, heat bending equipment being used to make acrylic retail display units and our prefabrication team are assembling brushed aluminium and foamex door signs in the post production department. We used to be simply digital printers!

The range of products we produce now is huge and the types of projects we are getting involved with is very exciting. These images show just a few of the signs we have produced and installed at Leeds City College’s new Rothwell Centre.

We can now do pretty much every kind of digitally printed interior or exterior sign you can think of. When it comes to finding top quality signage for your college, office or shop leave it to CSDPrint.

Brushed aluminium and black foamex door signs

We can do it all for you