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There are lots of new and exciting things happening at CSD Print and we’d like to share them with you via our blog. If you have any comments or queries please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you

We’ve got some new equipment…

digitally printed bespoke whole sale lighting display unit

and we’re not afraid to use it!

If you’re not sure how best to display your products or would like a display unit made to your exact requirements, then please get in touch. We’d love to work with you to develop the best display solution for your needs.

We’ve been doing just this with Bell Lighting and we’re loving all the fab new things that we’re making here at CSDPrint.

The first quarter of the year has certainly gone with a bang. Business is very brisk and that’s got a lot to do with the investment we’ve made in new equipment and talented people.

Three years ago we really stepped out of our comfort zone by moving into large format digital printing. The scale of our investment in the very best digital technology was HUGE for a business of our size but we’ve not looked back, not for one minute.

Over the past 12 months we’ve had a gear change in staffing too. We’ve expanded our management capabilities; added to our print finishing and dispatch team and upped our commitment to training and development for everybody.

The response from our customers has been wonderful; we’ve never been so busy. Every month we are attracting new enquiries as well as receiving bigger orders from our lovely loyal existing retail, automotive, construction and design agency clients.

We are getting more and more large projects that consist of cut items such as retail point of sale and building signage. The new machine enables us to turn these jobs around much more quickly and efficiently because it integrates directly with our production equipment.

Now we’re cutting virtually every type of print material such as correx, vinyl, cardboard and foamex, PVC, dibond and acrylic.

There’s lots to tell you about but in a nutshell, whatever shape or size you need your print, we can do it!


Education sector case study

large format printed banners

We thought it would be timely to share a few details about the work we are doing for Leeds City College. The College is going from strength to strength and we are very fortunate to be involved.

Read all about it here…

Client: Leeds City College (LCC) is part of The College Group, Leeds’ leading education provider. CSDPrint has been working with LCC as they rebrand 8 separate buildings which are used by over 35,000 students and 1,200 staff.

Brief:  LCC awarded CSDPrint the contract to print and fit a large selection of exterior and interior signs and graphics at three of its city centre colleges. That’s not just a few exterior signs and interior wall graphics but everything from totem signs, 10m mesh PVC banners, 200 sq m of window vinyls and 100 sq m of wall paper to 20 wall display frames, open day exhibition stands and much much more!

Challenges: The biggest challenges have been adapting the designs and selecting materials and fixings to ensure that every item adhered to the exacting planning and conservation regulations.

For example the first phase of the project we tackled was the new Printworks Campus. This collection of buildings is on the 4.5 acre former Alf Cooke playing card printing works and is centred round a magnificent Grade 2 listed industrial building. Built in 1881, both the printworks’ exterior and interior are listed.

Secondly we set about applying the new brand identity to the 1960s 11-storey Technology College buildings. On one of the busiest streets in the city centre, this phase brought with it very different requirements. We not only needed to schedule fittings for when the college was closed to ensure the utmost safety of the staff and students, but also to avoid busy traffic periods.

The third phase was the rebranding of Park Lane College which whilst it is slightly away from the city centre and is therefore easier to access, it is much larger.

Solutions: The fantastic success of this extensive project hinged on a number of factors:

  • Meticulous project management with extensive liaison with the college’s capital projects, estates and marketing teams
  • Preparing detailed photo-visuals of all key aspects
  • Innovative use of translucent and contravison vinyls, framed banners and flags to overcome Grade 2 planning restrictions
  • Installing temporary signage to maximise awareness of the Printworks opening event whilst awaiting delayed planning approvals
  • Flexible production scheduling to meet particularly tight deadlines.

Happy client: Our client, Richard Lewis, Director of Student Recruitment & Marketing at Leeds City College, very kindly gave us this feedback…

“I’ve have worked with Gail and the team at CSDPrint many times over the past 20 years but this is by far the largest and most complex project we’ve tackled together. I knew they had the technology and the know-how but I hadn’t experienced their project management expertise on this scale before. They have been fantastic, taking responsibility for everything. There has been so many different aspects to consider and they have embraced everything with their excellent can do attitude whether that’s coming up with clever signage solutions to fittings logistics.”

It’s the ‘go to’ graphic for a reason

Banner stands


Not sure what you need to grab your customers’ attention? Want a quick and simple advertising solution that won’t bust your budget? Then we’ve got a great suggestion for you…banner stands.

They are probably the most popular display graphic we sell. Why? Because, they’re quick to put up, easy to change and very cost-effective. If you want to keep updating your graphics, banner stands will be perfect for you.

Lots of our retail and automotive customers love them because they are so versatile.

They work really well in a huge number of display situations for example: shops, showrooms, forecourts, receptions, schools & colleges, visitor attractions…anywhere where you want your promotional messages seen.

If you’ve got limited room you’ll probably only need a single, small banner stand but if you have a really large space to fill, a combination of several banner stands works really well. We have a fantastic range of formats – pull ups and pop ups for example – that can be used individually or linked together.

All our banner stands are top quality, we check everyone very carefully before they are dispatched.

Call for a chat about the benefits of super adaptable banner stand graphics or visit our economy stands web page

Simple but very effective exhibition tips

Exhibition stands made easy

Making exhibiting easy

Got an exhibition to organise? Don’t panic we’d love to help. CSDPrint has been taking the hassle out of exhibiting for over 30 years and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Here are just three of our top tips, there’s lots more where they came from so please get in touch…

Exhibition top tips

1) Have a clear budget in mind. It helps to achieve a cohesive and cost-effective look if you have the focus of what you can and can’t afford to guide you

2) Choose a company to work with who can offer lots of different graphics options and has lots of experience. There is a whole host of new and exciting exhibition stand formats out there

3) Always seek professional help when it comes to design. We all know how important first impressions are. Being able to stand out from the crowd at a busy exhibition is what it’s all about.

To find out more about the fab range of exhibition stands we offer get in touch – CSDPrint is here to help.


Have you tried the bubbles?

Bubble board is 100% recyclable

CSDPrint is always on the lookout for new products and services to offer our clients and we’re particularly keen to find really good environmentally-friendly materials…

Therefore we are really chuffed to have just taken delivery of a totally new polypropylene bubble board which is 100% recyclable and we can’t wait to show you how good it is!

Not only is it totally recyclable but a percentage of the materials used to make it are re-used factory waste.  So all round it’s a big step in the right direction.

It’s called bubble board because there’s a thin layer of bubble-shaped polypropylene sandwiched between two solid sheets which not only makes the board very light but strong and rigid too. On top of that, the board has been developed to take print really well – the ink adhesion is excellent.

Developed for all kinds of signage, displays and point of sale this new board would be great for retail in-store graphics, automotive dealership advertising and construction site safety signage. So if you want to upgrade your eco-credentials this could be the new material for you?

Get in touch if you are interested in this fab new eco board or any other environment-saving printing materials, we’d really like to help. Here at CSDPrint we’re doing our best to be kinder to the planet and we can help you to be too.

High definition graphics

Foamex is fantastic for digital printing

You woodn’t believe it!

We’re so pleased with how well these graphics have turned out – they really do look like wood!

The image reproduction and finish have made these simple Foamex in-store graphics punch way above their weight. It’s a great product to print onto, we recommend Foamex to lots of our clients who want the very best material for their retail displays, automotive advertising, construction signs and exhibitions not matter what the size.

It comes in a big range of sizes up to 10 x 5ft and can be printed on both sides. It can even be spot gloss varnished which makes individual design details really stand out.

Another useful feature is that Foamex can also be heat-bent. So for instance if you need counter top point of sale displays for drinks and snacks, your printed graphics can be bent to create a space-saving multi-unit holders.

Whether it’s flat, cut out or bent to shape Foamex is very co-operative.

Buzzing with lots of new finishing options

CSDPrint adds CAD cutter to its armoury

CSDPrint expands its cutting capabilities

It’s a hive of activity here at CSDPrint. All of our printers – including the two new ones – are working at full speed and our production team is taking it in turns to be trained on the state-of-the-art CAD cutter that’s being installed today.

The cutter will massively expand the range of items we can produce. We’ll be able to cut graphics to any size and shape and make items such as boxes and free-standing display units.

In the picture you can see MD Stephen and Ops Manager Glyn cutting some display panels for one of our retail clients to size.

We’ll also be able to produce cut out letters and shapes for interior and exterior signs of all sizes using a great range of materials including foamex, dybond and acrylic.

Exciting times ahead – can’t wait to show you some of the new things we can do!

Specialist safety signs and stickers

safety signs and stickers

Reflective safety stickers

Over the last few days we’ve printed lots and lots of signs, stickers and labels such as Hazchem stickers, PPE posters and Fire Exit signs. We’ve also printed hard hat stickers for a construction company and hazardous liquid labels for a chemical manufacturer.

CSDPrint can print onto a really large range of materials including a number of specialist substrates such as fire retardant high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and glow in the dark photo luminescent vinyl.

If you need specialist safety signs and stickers please get in touch because I’m sure we can help.

A peak behind the scenes…

Retail point of sale

Here’s a little case study all about how we help one of our retail clients manage their point-of-sale. It’ll give you an idea as to how we operate – we provide a fully managed, wrap-around service you know, we’re not just here to produce top quality print!

Client: Pure Collection
Leading luxury cashmere retailer Pure Collection is 15 years old. It started online and now also has eight boutiques, 30 concessions in John Lewis stores across the country and an outlet. The premium brand has built an enviable reputation for its stylish, top quality clothing.

The brief:
Pure Collection came to CSDPrint for help with their in-store marketing. They were looking for a hands-on print partner who would not only be able to guarantee exceptional quality but could manage all aspects of their fulfillment requirements too – collating, dispatching, ensuring safe delivery and fitting at each boutique.

The challenges:
This is an intensive print project to manage because Pure Collection is highly pro-active with its marketing. We print new campaigns each month including window vinyl graphics of various sizes and a full range of high-end internal point-of-sale materials. The show cards, hanging graphics and posters we produce are absolutely top notch; we use the very best substrates and print finishes to make sure everything is up to the fantastic quality Pure Collection expects.

Collating, dispatch and delivery is carefully co-ordinated to ensure each boutique’s specific requirements are met. For example the boutiques vary in size and therefore need different configurations of materials in line with the number and size of their windows and display units.

Pure Collection has chosen prime high street locations in appealing shopping destinations such as York, Shrewsbury and Guildford and therefore deliveries and fittings need to be meticulously scheduled, often out of hours, to avoid busy periods.

The solutions:
The smooth running of this lovely piece of business has been achieved by:
• Meticulous project management with extensive liaison with Pure Collection’s marketing team
• Collaborating with creative brain-storming
• Pro-actively sourcing new materials and preparing samples
• Flexible production scheduling to meet particularly tight deadlines
• Developing individually tailored fittings plans to suit the needs of each boutique.

Digitally printed retail window graphics

What our lovely client has to say:
“The production of our in-store graphics is so efficient now. The print quality is always fantastic which is really important to us and I particularly like the way CSDPrint gets involved with finding new materials and suggesting innovative ways of producing things.”

Jill Harrison, Visual Merchandising Manager at Pure Collection.


Simple tip 3 – thinking outside the box

Printed retail display units

When a box isn’t enough

Retailers wanting something different to help make their products stand out should talk to their printer. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and more often than not a bit of fresh thinking can make a world of difference.

Try sharing your aims and concerns with the company who prints your packaging and displays and together we’re sure we’ll come up with some great new ways to get your products noticed.

At CSDPrint we love brainstorming with our clients and working up new retail display ideas. It could be printed free-standing display units, attention-grabbing cut outs or shaped graphics that give your products the marketing boost they need. We’re always happy to make samples for you to test.

Our fancy new uber clever cutter will be up and running in a couple of weeks and we’ve got some really interesting jobs lined up for it including counter top soft drinks display units and cut, drilled and polish-edged high-end hanging graphics.

However, if it is just a box you want, be sure to make it a memorable one, include bold logos and images in the artwork and how about experimenting with finishes.

So, our third tip is, to keep your retail displays fresh get together with your printer and explore new options.