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It’s only been…30 years!

CSDPrint 30 years printing


It’s been our 30th anniversary this year and we couldn’t resist having a little pictorial look back.

The top of the montage shows how our logo has evolved over the years and at the bottom you can see how different the equipment is that we use now – the press on the left is our original screen printer and on the right is one of our fantastic new digital printers.

We might have come a long way and seen many changes to the business over the last three decades but we still feel just as passionate about what we do.


Here’s a quick CSDPrint evolution timeline:

  • 1987

When we set the business up – Castleford Screen & Display – we had just one second-hand screen printing press and would buy in all the repro, cutting and finishing services required. In the main we worked with a small number of local advertising and marketing agencies and Gail’s Dad, John was our delivery man.

  • 2005

By now we are beginning to pick up bigger pieces of work and are working with a number of marketing agencies on some leading brands including Graham’s Kitchens and Bathrooms, Goldenlay Eggs and Timpsons (shoe repairs). We decided to take the bold step into digital and invested in our first Epsom machine, a website and new CSDPrint branding.

  • 2007

Having outgrown our original premises in West Street, we moved across town to a larger unit and expanded the operation adding two more digital printers and a cutter. By now we had a team of six and were working with lots of new property and automotive clients.

  • 2017

The last 10 years have brought some of the biggest changes and challenges. We are now using entirely digital printing technology and complete the vast majority of pre and post-printing services in-house.

We have a tight-knit team of 10 ensuring that none of our quality or service standards are compromised even though the average job takes just hours to be completed and dispatched (in the old days it used to be a week).

It’s been good to look back and review things but it’s looking forward that we’re concentrating on now. There’s lots of exciting developments in the pipeline for 2018 and we hope there is for you too.