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Wrap around customer service


Here at CSDPrint we love getting stuck into BIG projects just like we did with Bell Lighting’s new 120 page product catalogue. We do our very best to take all the hassle away by effectively project managing every aspect.

That starts with listening very carefully to what’s wanted. We then consider if there are any alternative options that might improve the quality of the finished materials or the efficiency of production.

Our team is hugely experienced and we have a big selection of machinery so we can often suggest more effective ways of printing things. When it comes to advising about which are the best materials, our 30 years’ experience means we’ve tried and tested pretty much everything you can print onto and a few you can’t! We are happy to provide samples to help ease the decision making process.

Next it’s all about getting the right artwork. This can be fraught with problems as there are so many different ways to generate a design but our approach is all about taking a bit of extra time to help make sure it’s absolutely spot on. Give Gemma or Glynn our artwork gurus a call if you need any guidance.

Then there are the proofing stages to check everything looks good including matching colours – see our previous blog for more colour matching info

Whilst the digital printing and finishing team are gearing up to make sure an order is collated and packaged to perfection our dispatch team set about the logistics. This can be where the hard work is won or lost. We are dab hands at getting packages of in-store point-of-sale to our retail clients or sales campaign materials to automotive dealerships wherever they are in the country.

Making absolutely sure everything gets to the right person on time and in the most effective manner is critical. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our delivery planning and proof of delivery checking. It’s all in the detail you know!

Suffice it to say, 30,000 fantastic quality Bell Lighting brochures were delivered on 12 pallets to the right place at exactly the right time.