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CSDPrint is bucking the trend

CSDPrint smashes digital printing targets

The printing and signage sector is mostly male dominated, we’re sure that won’t come as a surprise. And whilst there has been much in our trade press about how we must all try harder to improve opportunities for women, we feel there is a positive shift. It might only be a small one but it’s definitely happening.

A recent article quoted a ratio of women to men of 1:10 working in print or signage but we know of a few businesses that are doing better than that. CSDPrint for one – we’re really bucking the trend with our 1:3!

Four members of our fantastic team are women. We have Lucy who helps with marketing; artwork guru Gemma; super senior account executive Sam and our tenacious lady at the top, MD Gail.

Having a mix of gents and ladies brings many benefits to our business but for us it’s not about positive discrimination, it’s more to do with getting great people on board. Disappointingly when we advertise new posts we don’t get that many women applying. There have been a few more recently but it would be fabulous if there were more.

Our business has evolved massively over the last five years not just in terms of the people we employ but the way we operate. The biggest change has been switching from screen to digital printing and investing heavily in the latest technology. We now print and manufacturer a much larger range of materials including a lots of signs and display units.

We also work with many big name retail brands, construction companies, automotive dealer networks and marketing agencies. All together the broader mix of products and clients has significantly boosted CSD Print’s performance, so much so that we’ve been smashing our targets consistently all year but we’re not resting on our laurels.

As every successful business knows, you can’t stand still. You have to keep evolving.