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Simple tip 2 – making the most of your exhibition stands

Large format exhibition printing

Excel with expert design and print advice

Lots of our clients are gearing up for the 2018 exhibition season. Some are starting from scratch with newly designed stands and the latest giveaway gismos, others are simply replacing out-of-date graphics or adding upgrades such as reception counters and TV monitors.

Whether your budget is big or small we always advise our exhibition clients to have their stands professionally designed, it really is the best way to get a cohesive and cost-effective look.

Once you have your design, look for a print partner who has bags of experience and can offer lots of different graphics options.

There is a whole host of new and exciting exhibition stand formats out there such as stealth stands, pop up systems and pull up banner stands.

We know there’s a lot to do getting everything together for an exhibition and CSDPrint is here to help in any way we can. We’ve got lots of handy suggestions, for example…

Top tip 2 – When the show is over, don’t pack your stand away until next year, try and store it somewhere where it can be left up such as your reception area or a meeting room, that way it’ll keep its shape and last longer – it’ll keep on promoting you too!

Stand reception counters look so smart

Stylish and practical exhibition counters

Simple tip 1 – for sprucing up your business

Acrylic signs printed by CSDPrint

Super smart and shiny acrylic signs

Coming back to work after Christmas can be a bit daunting. Lots of companies work flat out in the weeks leading up to the end of the year and let things go a bit on the housekeeping front. One of the ways we help ourselves get our New Year mojo revved up is to have a really big clear out and freshen up.

A spruce up makes us all feel positive and we’ve got just the thing if you want to add some vibrancy to your office/boardroom/showroom/reception/front door – the highest quality digitally printed Acrylic signs.

CSDPrint can print onto any size of Acrylic, Perspex or even Flexiglass. Our large format digital printing technology has been put to the test in the past few days printing extra large picture graphics for a newly refurbished college. They look amazing as our technology enables us to print onto the back of the Acrylic or Perspex and add a white backing which really intensifies the photo-quality of images – and there’s the added bonus of the Acrylic protecting the image from wear and tear.

We’ve also printed a selection of AO Acrylic pictures to brighten up the walls of a retail training company and at the other end of the scale we’ve just finished some small plaques for outside a construction company’s HQ.

Top tip 1 – put up something bright and shiny to make you feel and look super professional.

It’s only been…30 years!

CSDPrint 30 years printing


It’s been our 30th anniversary this year and we couldn’t resist having a little pictorial look back.

The top of the montage shows how our logo has evolved over the years and at the bottom you can see how different the equipment is that we use now – the press on the left is our original screen printer and on the right is one of our fantastic new digital printers.

We might have come a long way and seen many changes to the business over the last three decades but we still feel just as passionate about what we do.


Here’s a quick CSDPrint evolution timeline:

  • 1987

When we set the business up – Castleford Screen & Display – we had just one second-hand screen printing press and would buy in all the repro, cutting and finishing services required. In the main we worked with a small number of local advertising and marketing agencies and Gail’s Dad, John was our delivery man.

  • 2005

By now we are beginning to pick up bigger pieces of work and are working with a number of marketing agencies on some leading brands including Graham’s Kitchens and Bathrooms, Goldenlay Eggs and Timpsons (shoe repairs). We decided to take the bold step into digital and invested in our first Epsom machine, a website and new CSDPrint branding.

  • 2007

Having outgrown our original premises in West Street, we moved across town to a larger unit and expanded the operation adding two more digital printers and a cutter. By now we had a team of six and were working with lots of new property and automotive clients.

  • 2017

The last 10 years have brought some of the biggest changes and challenges. We are now using entirely digital printing technology and complete the vast majority of pre and post-printing services in-house.

We have a tight-knit team of 10 ensuring that none of our quality or service standards are compromised even though the average job takes just hours to be completed and dispatched (in the old days it used to be a week).

It’s been good to look back and review things but it’s looking forward that we’re concentrating on now. There’s lots of exciting developments in the pipeline for 2018 and we hope there is for you too.

Christmas delivery warning

Christmas delivery warning

Pulling out all the santas

We are advising our customers to leave a bit of extra time for their pre-Christmas deliveries. If you want to make sure everything arrives just when you want it then you’ll need to build in a bit of breathing space.

All the couriers we’ve spoken to are struggling to keep up with demand at the moment and are expecting things to get even busier.

We’re managing to get orders delivered in two days but they could take longer as we get nearer to Christmas and also if the weather gets worse. This morning’s sharp frost has caused a few problems!

We don’t want to be doom mongers but at the same time it would be remiss of us not to mention the situation. We really don’t like it when the fabulous print you’ve worked so hard to organise ends up causing you stress because it can’t be delivered on time.

The smart way to attract business

A fresh new look makes us all feel positive and we’ve got just the thing if you’re wanting to spruce up your offices, showroom or reception – the highest quality Acrylic signs. We’ve been digitally printing onto all sizes of Acrylic for many years, and very soon we’ll be able to cut to virtually any shape too. Our latest investment, a digital cutter, will be with us early in the New Year.

Sometimes customers need a little help with the designs for their signs, plaques or graphics and that’s not a problem at all. We have the design capability and years of experience to ensure you make the most impact.

Whether it’s deciding on the appropriate size for the location, stand out colours and backgrounds, mountings or fixings CSDPrint is here to help you make the best impression.


Super smart and fab range of colours

Bigger, better and faster – just three of our New Year’s resolutions!

New cutter for CSDPrint

We’re celebrating

CSDPrint has had a record month; in fact the previous 11 have been pretty fantastic too. This year we have seen our business really take off and that’s got a lot to do with the investment we’ve made in equipment and people.

Three years ago we really stepped out of our comfort zone by moving into large format digital printing. The scale of our investment in the very best digital technology was HUGE for a business of our size but we’ve not looked back, not for one minute.

Over the past year we’ve had a gear change in staffing too. We’ve expanded our management capabilities; added to our print finishing and dispatch team and upped our commitment to training and development for everybody.

The response from our customers has been wonderful; we’ve never been so busy. Every month we are attracting new enquiries as well as receiving bigger orders from our lovely loyal existing retail, automotive, construction and design agency clients.

To sustain this growth we know only too well that we must continue to invest and so we’ve treated ourselves to a fancy big new cutter that will be with us early in the New Year. It’s a DYSS X7 10 x 5 digital cutter to be exact. We can’t wait for it to arrive because we’ve got lots of work lined up that it will just whizz through.

We are getting more and more large projects that consist of cut items such as retail point of sale and building signage of all shapes and sizes. The new machine will enable us to turn these jobs around much more quickly and efficiently because it integrates directly with our production equipment.

We’ll be able to cut virtually any print material including correx, vinyl, cardboard and foamex, PVC, dibond and acrylic.

Sadly we won’t need our trusty 10-year old, 64 inch guillotine any more – it’s robust and reliable and all reasonable offers will be carefully considered!

Top Performing Outdoor Graphics

PVC banners

Wind resistant mesh banners have staying power

Looking for something big, bright and really strong? PVC banners are just what you need – they are perfect for bold outdoor graphic displays.

The heavy-weight PVC banners we produce are just the job if you want to advertise on the side of buildings, on construction site scaffolding, at automotive dealerships or garage forecourts, garden centres, festivals and events…in fact anywhere where you need something that will stand up to the whimsies of the weather.

We print banners to any size you like, in full colour and also onto tough mesh PVC which allows air to easy pass through. These mesh banners have the dual benefit of being light, very durable, wind and fade resistant.

Another great benefit of using promotional banners is they are one of the easiest graphics to display. They are hemmed and can then be finished with sturdy metal eyelets for use with bungee cords or with stitched pockets for inserting poles.

All CSDPrint PVC banners are printed in-house using state-of-the-art high definition digital printers so image quality is superb – just look at the super high quality of these mesh banners we’ve just printed for Total.

Making Christmas Magic

Planning digital printing campaigns for Christmas

We’re gearing up for Christmas, are you? Some of our clients are which is great because it means we can draw up our production and delivery schedules and make sure everything is perfect. Just like Father Christmas and his team of elves, CSDPrint’s modus operandi is to make sure everything is absolutely spot on for the big day (aka Festive Season/Black Friday/Pre-Christmas Sales/New Year Sales).

We’re already printing window stickers, in-store graphics and posters for a couple of our retail clients; festive menu boards for restaurant chains and pavement signs for cafes. So come on, if you need help getting your Christmas or New Year digital printing campaigns planned please get in touch, we’re here to help.

We’ll get our heads together and make a plan. Here’s how we can help:

  • Discuss your Christmas or New Year digital print campaign objectives
  • Plan a practical work schedule
  • Help with creative input and budgeting
  • Source the best quality and most cost-effective materials
  • Manage all the fulfilment and dispatch
  • And most importantly take full control of delivery and proof of delivery.

Come and talk to CSDPrint and we’ll help make your Christmas printing just a little more magical.

Meet Dan our Special Projects man

Dan Todd joins CSDPrint

CSDPrint has a new member of the team – Dan Todd.

Dan has been appointed because he has lots of fantastic project management experience. Over the past two to three years we have been working on more and more larger print projects. Jobs such as 100m hoarding boards for construction sites, multiple-outlet retail displays and complete building rebrands that involve everything from exterior signage and window graphics to wide format wall paper and vinyl lettering. To make sure we can continue to provide the best possible service, we knew it was time to bring in an experienced, extra pair of hands.

Commenting on Dan’s appointment, CSDPrint operations manager Glyn Richardson said: “Dan has 10 years solid experience. He’s worked across all aspects of digital printing and sign making and is already making a very positive contribution to the business.”

Dan has worked throughout the UK and Europe managing projects for a huge range of clients including automotive companies, construction contractors, medical equipment manufacturers, pet and vet products suppliers and toy retailers to name just a few.

CSDPrint’s CEO Gail Harrison added: “It’s very exciting seeing our special projects team taking shape. When we invested in all the large format equipment we needed a few years ago, we didn’t for one minute imagine we would be as busy as we are.

“Dan’s project management experience is already proving to be a big asset for us. He helped us with the build of an information hub for our client Total UK and is managing a number of ongoing projects at Leeds City College. It’s great to have you on the team Dan.”

Jumping through hoops

Digitally printed foamex

Fabulous pic of foamex horse graphics

Here at CSDPrint we love a challenge! We like getting creative to help our clients and do everything we can to make sure a job’s just right, and on time. It’s all part of what we do. So, it’s really lovely when someone takes the time to tell us – or even show us – how pleased they are with what we’ve done.

Here’s some feedback from our lovely client PAB Studios…

“Thank you CSDPrint for helping to delight our customers, White Rose Equestrian, who wanted a bold signature jump for their new Jump Arena.


“The foamex you suggested was just the right material for the job, being weatherproof but able to create a sturdy and safe jump that makes a real impact in the Arena.

“The 1.5m horses and rose will look superb once mounted on the jump. Perhaps this is a new avenue you could pursue?!

“What’s for sure is we know who to contact to get a good job done, quickly, efficiently and with great customer service.”