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High definition graphics

We’re so pleased with how well these graphics have turned out – they really do look like wood! The image reproduction and finish have made these simple Foamex in-store graphics punch way above their weight. It’s a great product to print onto, we recommend Foamex to lots of our clients who want the very best […]

A US campaign the Brits are beginning to love

We Brits might be struggling with mixed feelings about things across the pond right now but there’s one American import that lots of us are eagerly anticipating – Black Friday, 25th November. Ok, so there are some that find the weekend of feverish bargain hunting too much of a hoo-ha. The vast majority, it appears, […]

How to pick a good printing partner?

If you’re in the market for help with your printing you might want to take a few minutes to think about how you will choose who to work with. CSD Print has been in the printing business for well over two decades and during that time we’ve learnt a lot about what customers are looking […]