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Simple tip 3 – thinking outside the box

Printed retail display units

When a box isn’t enough

Retailers wanting something different to help make their products stand out should talk to their printer. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and more often than not a bit of fresh thinking can make a world of difference.

Try sharing your aims and concerns with the company who prints your packaging and displays and together we’re sure we’ll come up with some great new ways to get your products noticed.

At CSDPrint we love brainstorming with our clients and working up new retail display ideas. It could be printed free-standing display units, attention-grabbing cut outs or shaped graphics that give your products the marketing boost they need. We’re always happy to make samples for you to test.

Our fancy new uber clever cutter will be up and running in a couple of weeks and we’ve got some really interesting jobs lined up for it including counter top soft drinks display units and cut, drilled and polish-edged high-end hanging graphics.

However, if it is just a box you want, be sure to make it a memorable one, include bold logos and images in the artwork and how about experimenting with finishes.

So, our third tip is, to keep your retail displays fresh get together with your printer and explore new options.