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Have you tried the bubbles?

Bubble board is 100% recyclable

CSDPrint is always on the lookout for new products and services to offer our clients and we’re particularly keen to find really good environmentally-friendly materials…

Therefore we are really chuffed to have just taken delivery of a totally new polypropylene bubble board which is 100% recyclable and we can’t wait to show you how good it is!

Not only is it totally recyclable but a percentage of the materials used to make it are re-used factory waste.  So all round it’s a big step in the right direction.

It’s called bubble board because there’s a thin layer of bubble-shaped polypropylene sandwiched between two solid sheets which not only makes the board very light but strong and rigid too. On top of that, the board has been developed to take print really well – the ink adhesion is excellent.

Developed for all kinds of signage, displays and point of sale this new board would be great for retail in-store graphics, automotive dealership advertising and construction site safety signage. So if you want to upgrade your eco-credentials this could be the new material for you?

Get in touch if you are interested in this fab new eco board or any other environment-saving printing materials, we’d really like to help. Here at CSDPrint we’re doing our best to be kinder to the planet and we can help you to be too.