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Have you considered bespoke boxes?

bespoke cardboard boxes


If you are looking for something a bit different to use when sending products or gifts to your customers why not try a bespoke box?

With our new CAD cutter we can cut and print virtually any size and shape of box you can think of. And what’s more we can produce very small quantities which means putting your products in boxes is very cost-efficient. Not so long ago you used to have to have a forme or cutting template made which added extra cost to the box making process but now you don’t. Our super clever digital cutting and printing technology makes the whole box making thing quicker, easier and less costly.

CSDPrint makes boxes in lots of different thicknesses and from a range of materials such as white box board, cardboard and Priplak.

We’ve just made these boxes in the picture below for ourselves. If you are interested in using boxes for your products, get in touch and we’ll send  you a sweetie-filled sample!

Bespoke boxes

CSDPrint cut and print boxes