Modular Systems

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Modular Systems

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CSD Print offer a variety of modular display systems from 'off the shelf' systems to completely bespoke displays, we can cater for your needs. Modular has the speed and availability of a pop-up system yet takes your brand presence to another level. The range uses a unique storage format that means every component has its own space in the carry case so packing is fast and the system is ready for use again instantly.

A modular display system consists of a variety of interlocking components, which can be assembled and dismantled with a minimum amount of tools, labour and cost. A modular display stand can be easily reconfigured to fit any size display area, without the need to adapt any of the components making them extremely cost effective. Our range of modular stands can cover every eventuality, and include a wide range of features such as interactive display units, shelving and product displays.







Modular Systems

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