Pop Up Exhibition Stands

We stock a fantastic range of straight and curved pop-up exhibition stands. These cleverly designed display solutions have everything you need carefully packed inside a sturdy but portable carry case.

Available in a large range of sizes, the pop up exhibition stands include bespoke shapes and sizes, these systems have paper or fabric graphics. Designed to be as simple as possible to use, we’re sure you will find these exhibition stands very easy to transport, set up and take down.

Our pop up exhibition stand bundles include:

  • Carry case with wheels which converts into a useful presentation stand
  • Fully magnetic silver anodised pop up display system for paper graphics or anodised magnetic tube display system for fabric graphics
  • 2 lights

Whether you opt for the curved or straight pop up stand you’ll find this system extremely versatile. It is light but well made; looks very professional but is so quick and easy to erect.


Here’s all you need to do:

  • Take the top off the carry case and remove the folded anodised frame
  • Gently open out the frame using the self-locating magnetic arms to provide stability
  • Put your frame in position
  • Working left to right, top to bottom, attach the black magnetic arms to the stand frame uprights
  • Printed graphics: Starting at the top left side of the stand frame, place the graphics over the magnetic arms so that the magnets on the back of the graphic align with the frame magnets. Repeat down the left side then work across the stand frame
  • Slot lights onto the top of the frame
  • Replace the lid of the carry case and use as a reception table, lectern or display stand

This really is one of the best, portable, exhibition stands on the market.


Pop Up Exhibition Stand Footprint:

  • Curved ‘3 x 1’, footprint 306mm x 1240mm
  • Curved ‘3 x 2’, footprint 485mm x 1930mm
  • Curved ‘3 x 3’, footprint 685mm x 2540mm
  • Curved ‘3 x 4’, footprint 960mm x 3070mm
  • Straight ‘3 x 1’, footprint 306mm x 1240mm
  • Straight ‘3 x 2’, footprint 306mm x 1970mm
  • Straight ‘3 x 3’, footprint 306mm x 2700mm
  • Straight ‘3 x 4’, footprint 306mm x 3435mm
  • Case/lectern height 980mm

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