Retail Signs

CSDPrint’s signage team has masses of retail experience. We understand completely how fast moving your business is and the challenges of making sure your retail signage and displays are the highest quality possible and that they are installed on time.

That’s probably the main reason why we are being asked to fabricate shop signs for a growing number of leading brand names and highly successful independents.

We work nationwide providing an extensive range of retail store signage including:

  • Acrylic signs
  • Translucent backlit signs
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated flex-faced signs
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated tray signs
  • Hanging signs – exterior & interior
  • Free-standing signs – totems, pavement signs such as whirlwinds and A boards  
  • Wayfinding signs – exterior & interior

Acrylic store signs

Acrylic is perfect for internal and external retail signs because it’s really durable, light weight and very cost-effective.

Also called Plexiglass and Perspex, this super-versatile material comes in an extensive range of colours and finishes and can also be printed directly onto. Our digital printing technology creates fantastic high definition, full colour images on acrylic – it really is a classy material.

CSDPrint’s acrylic retail signs range includes:

  • Cut letters and logos
  • Printed image signs
  • Large photo-quality interior wall graphics
  • Wayfinding signs

Translucent backlit signs

Printed acrylic store signs with lights look amazing. We have developed a large range of great quality backlit signage which is ideal for store fronts and interiors too. The opal acrylic (or Perspex) with LED lighting shining through creates really bold, high quality signs.

As with all of our retail signs you can have any shape or size; we fabricate our backlit signage using a really durable, translucent 3.5mm and 10mm acrylic which is available in a large selection of colours and finishes.

Illuminated and Non-illuminated Flex-faced Signs

A huge number of retailers use flex-face signs for their really big signs. These signs consist of a digitally printed fabric graphic which is stretched over a powder-coated metal frame. This type of exterior building sign is very popular because you can cost-effectively create very large signs indeed.

We can fabricate any size or shape of flexible-faced sign you need and can add lights if required. The frame essentially becomes a lightbox which your logo or graphic is secured to. We offer a selection of lighting colours and intensities so together we can create just the right effect for your brand image.

These large format signs can be single sided or if you wanted your sign to be seen from two directions we can manufacture two signs and mount then back-to-back. Double-sided material signs tend to be smaller and are perfect for hanging over shop entrances.

As well as the advantages of cost and size, these versatile material signs are also extremely neat to install – all the fixings go behind the frame.  

Illuminated & Non-illuminated Tray Signs

Just like our flex-faced signage CSDPrint’s tray signs are fabricated using powder coated aluminium, we also offer Dibond which is an aluminium composite. Both are light, durable and great for digitally printing onto.

However, instead of a material graphic face, tray signs are entirely made from metal. Your logo or promotional message is printed directly onto the powder-coated aluminium or Dibond which has return edges, just like a tray!

CSDPrint has lots of experience of manufacturing signage and tray signs in particular which are popular with retailers wanting large or small, long lasting, good looking graphics. We can supply tray signs in all sizes, a large range of shapes and colours and with a variety of profiles too.

These wall mounted signs stand out from your building – the returned side edges create a very effective three dimensional effect.  

Tray sign advantages include:

  • High quality wall mounted signage displays
  • All sizes and shapes
  • 3D effect
  • Colours to match your branding
  • Discrete fixings

Hanging signs

There can’t be many retailers who haven’t used hanging signs at some point to advertise their businesses. They are one of the most widely used retail display sign format whether that’s for the outside of the building, above the entrance for example, or inside suspended from the ceiling throughout the store.

Here at CSDPrint we manufacture hanging signs of all formats, sizes and there’s a large range of materials to choose from too.

Exterior hanging or projection signs available at CSDPrint include:

  • Selection of materials e.g. acrylic, aluminium, Dibond, wood
  • Range of standard profiles
  • Bespoke CNC cut profiles
  • Logos printed directly onto the chosen substrate
  • Raised lettering and logos
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Single or double-sided
  • With or without lighting
  • Full range of fixings e.g. wall mounts, posts and rails

Interior hanging sign options:

  • Selection of materials e.g. Kappa, Foamex, poster papers, material
  • Single or double-sided
  • All sizes
  • Full colour digital printing
  • Range of fixings e.g. ceiling wires, ropes, ribbons, suckers

But please remember if you’re not sure it’s a hanging sign you want after all, we’ve got masses of other retail sign and display products to choose from. Just give us a call, we’d love to help.

Freestanding Signs

Competing for attention on the high street can be tricky but here at CSDPrint we supply lots of different free standing signage solutions that can help.

New pavement or car park sign formats are being introduced all the time, here are just a few of the  most popular ones.

Whirlwind signs

These double-sided, heavy-duty outdoor swinging graphics are used a great deal for advertising and retail promotions outside. Supplied flat, the frame and weighted base simply clip together with the spring that enables your sign to move to and fro. This simple but sturdy, weather proof signs swinging motion really helps grab the attention of passers.

Whirlwind and A board retail signs are available in A1 and A0 sizes.   

Pavement Signs

This A framed sign has a graphic on both sides which is easily inserted into the graphic holder or frame. Made from galvanised steel they are strong, and therefore ideal for placing outside your shop on the pavement or curb side. They are also easy to move, store and are also very cost effective.

If you are not sure where to start with your retail signage, why not consider an A framed pavement display?


For a more permanent exterior retail sign you might prefer a totem or monolith sign. These are larger free-standing signs that are mounted onto metal framework which is fixed to the ground.

Most commonly been outside large retail outlets, cinemas, shopping complexes and automotive dealerships, totems require a bit more planning. At CSDPrint we have all the expertise required in-house – our sign division has all the experience, specialist knowledge, fabrication and installation capability a larger sign of this nature requires.


The key to successful wayfinding signage is simplicity. Wayfinding or directional signs for retail applications need to be clear and concise.

In a busy shop, wholesalers or large garden centre, effective wayfinding signage can make all the difference to the shopping experience. We all know how annoying it is when we can’t find what we want!

CSDPrint’s signage team will work with you to develop the most effective wayfinding solutions for you. We design complete retail packages which can include entrance and exist signs, directional signage including lift, stairs and fire safety signs, department names, car parking and traffic flow signage.

We also include all the behind the scenes wayfinding signs you might need too such as loading bay, and warehouse stacking location signage, canteen, training facility and office signs and what about your health & safety signs, are they all up to date?

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