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Our cut letters and numbers are used for almost every kind of sign and display you can think of. We produce them using both vinyl and acrylic. If you want to create a smart flat sign then vinyl is perfect but if you are looking for a three dimensional sign then you might want to consider acrylic.

We’re dab hands at making simple temporary window vinyl displays as well as complex custom fabricated three dimensional, exterior building signs with lights if you need them – you’ve definitely come to the right place if you need personalised cut letter printing!

It goes without saying really that the possibilities are endless when it comes to cut letter signs. It’s not just letter shapes we can produce, we also excel with numbers, symbols, logos and characters. You name it, we can cut it!

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Vinyl Cut Letter Printing

At CSDPrint we only use the highest quality materials for our 2D cut vinyl signs. Whether they are simple window graphics for store fronts or for interior graphic displays, we always use the smartest, most hard-wearing vinyl.

We offer two lettering options:

• your letters can either be cut directly from coloured vinyl and we stock a vast range of colours
• or they can be printed onto the vinyl and then cut out

We recommend doing it this way if your letters have a pattern on them or if you are trying to match a specific colour.


Acrylic Cut Letter Printing

Our acrylic cut letters are lightweight and extremely durable so they are very popular with our retail clients for shop front signage. Our industrial and manufacturing customers love them too because they can create extra-large exterior signs without spending a fortune.

Just like our flat cut vinyl lettering, acrylic letters can either be cut directly from a large range of coloured acrylics or we can print any design or colour you need onto an acrylic base before cutting them out.

LED Cut Letter Printing

If you need personalised acrylic cut letter signs or displays with added impact then you might like to consider adding a touch of illumination. When we custom-build your sign we can place small light emitting diodes or LEDs behind the individual cut letters or numbers which will light up the whole sign.
The lights we use are really high quality; they are super energy efficient and will last for years.

Why is vinyl so popular?

Vinyl is such a versatile material. It comes in a huge range of colours and can have a variety of adhesive finishes ranging from easy to peel-off or low tack to permanent. Easy peel letters are perfect for seasonal window graphics whereas permanent vinyl would be better for wayfinding signs.

Why is acrylic so popular?

Acrylic is a fantastic material to work with because it is ideal for printing onto, cutting into shapes and it keeps looking good for a long time. We supply it in three thicknesses – 3, 5 or 10mm.

It can easily be glued or bonded together to build up the thickness and literally make your letters stand out! Many of our clients also choose to have their signs mounted using barrel fixings to add even more impact.

These are just a few of the reasons why we recommend acrylic for cut lettering signs, particularly exterior signage.

CSDPrint’s signage division specialises in cut letter signs and displays.

Comparing the Benefits of Cut Letters



Letters can be cut directly from a range of coloured vinyls A range of different coloured acrylics are used for our cut letters
Vinyl is excellent for printing specific designs and colours onto before being cut into letter shapes Acrylic is excellent for printing specific designs and colours onto before being cut into letter shapes
Ideal for flat cut, 2D display graphics and signs for a huge range of applications such as window graphics, in store displays, office signs, car showrooms, hospitals, colleges, museums. Easily glued or bonded for built-up thickness, 3D signs such as exterior building signs, shop frontages, boardroom, reception and corridor graphics
Simple-to-apply adhesive options:

• easy peel-off
• low tack
• permanent

Suitable for a range of flexible fixing options including:

• self-adhesive
• glue/bonding
• barrel fixings
• stand-off locators

Highly cost-effective option for signs and displays that need to be changed or updated regularly Durable, lightweight and cost-effective for long lasting uses


We can fabricate:

• Flat cut 2d or 3d letters and logos
• Any sized letters and logos
• Suitable for interior or exterior use
• Hybrid signs i.e. metal and acrylic; wood and acrylic
• Cut letter signs with LED lighting

Adding LED lights to a cut letter sign makes it even more eye-catching. These illuminated advertisements or displays can be used during the day or night. Applied to the back of the sign, the light emitting-diodes illuminate the acrylic letters highlighting them and creating a dramatic backlit or halo effect.

Cut Letter FAQs

What is vinyl cut lettering?

Vinyl cut lettering is self-adhesive, letters that are either cut out of coloured vinyl or are printed onto vinyl and then cut out.

Are vinyl letters waterproof?

Vinyl is waterproof and highly durable, it is therefore perfect for making sure your displays and signs stay smart. Cut vinyl is particularly good for shop window displays and exterior signs because it is more weather resistant than printed vinyl which can fade over time.

How do you apply vinyl lettering?

Vinyl cut letters are supplied sandwiched between two peel-off layers. The top layer reveals the sticky adhesive-side of the lettering that can be applied directly to the window or surface. The bottom, application tape layer is used to keep the letters in place while they are being installed.

How do you install acrylic cut letters?

Acrylic cut letters that are to be positioned flush to a wall or display surface can be installed using glue or with self-adhesive tape for interior applications. Metal or plastic stand-off locators are used to create ‘floating’ cut letter signs.

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