Case Study:
Eco-printing for leading sustainable fashion brand

Leading technical outdoor and travel clothing and accessory brand, Craghoppers is really making a difference when it comes to shopping sustainably. The company, which was established over 50 years ago in West Yorkshire, was recently recognised as the UK’s most sustainable fashion brand by Drapers magazine.

There is a big focus on reducing its environmental impact across the whole of the business – for Craghoppers this is called Mindfully Made. Part of that commitment is to carefully select fabrics produced in fairer working conditions; be more vigilant with its management of waste and chemical processes and source more sustainable packaging for its products and printing for its stores.


CSDPrint has worked with Craghoppers for many years and over the past 12-18 months the company has been asking us to source more environmentally- friendly printing materials for it’s in-store graphics requirements.



We supply a broad range of point of sale materials to Craghoppers including display unit header boards, large wall graphics, window posters, show cards and exterior building signs, all of which need to be of the highest quality and very durable.

We have researched and tested a number of different substrates for each application and we are extremely pleased with the results we are getting. However the hunt continues as we want to make sure we are using the latest and best sustainable materials possible.

The range of greener substrates used include:

• Composite honeycomb ultra-paper board for free standing show cards as an alternative to 10 mm foamed PVC
• Grey middle display board for larger wall graphics instead of expanded PVC foam board
• Thin polypropylene instead of semi-rigid PVC for self-edge strips


The materials Craghoppers now use have all been made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. They have low carbon footprints and can be disposed of using standard local waste collections.


Happy Client:

Rochine Metcalfe of Craghoppers said…

“We have been meticulously reassessing every aspect of our business to see how we can enhance our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. When it came to re-evaluating the materials we use to advertise our products in-store, Gail and the team at CSDPrint were one step ahead of us. They had already been testing a selection of new papers and boards and had samples to show us. We use lots of very high definition images in our display materials and we wondered how effectively they would reproduce on the new materials but we needn’t have been concerned, the print quality is exceptional. We’re very happy with the switch.”
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