Case Study:
Precision Large Format Printing

Hereford-based Woodstock Trading Company supplies its stylish Calypso and Veldeau branded bathroom furniture to over 1500 dealers and showrooms across the UK.


Woodstock’s marketing team had been looking for a large format printer who could accurately produce large quantities of decorative graphic foamex panels for its retailer showroom displays.


The challenges of working with Woodstock centre around two key aspects, the large quantities required relatively quickly and the need for the designs to be reproduced very carefully.


Our large format flatbed printers are perfect for foamex printing projects of this scale. They are able to print the hundreds of 8 x 4ft (2440 x 1440mm) panels very quickly whilst also ensuring perfect register – that means making sure the printed marble and tile patterns line up on every panel. It might sound simple but even a couple of millimetres difference in the size of the foamex panel can throw the whole design out.


Happy Client:

Matthew Preece, Marketing and Design Manager at Woodstock said…

“Everything runs like clockwork with CSDPrint. Although we order large quantities of foamex printing and our designs are pretty exacting, there’s never any fuss. Stephen and his team print to a very high standard and usually deliver at least 4-5 days ahead of schedule. Also the pallets are all meticulously packaged and labelled to make sure we receive everything in pristine condition which is very important to us.”
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