Case Study:
Retail Point of Sale Fulfilment Service

Here at CSDPrint we are very fortunate to work with a number of leading high street brands. These very busy retailers need a print partner who is able to produce a large range of digitally printed point of sale materials, to the highest quality but who can also be relied upon to make sure all the right items, get to the right stores, at exactly the right time.


We have been suppliers to leading outdoor leisure wear brand Craghoppers for many years and during that time we have completed lots of complex fulfilment assignments for them. However, during the current pandemic our tenacious fulfilment team excelled themselves making sure that thousands of Black Friday and Christmas point of sale graphics reached their destinations safely despite the different lockdown restrictions nationwide.



Craghoppers needed their latest campaign window and ceiling promotional posters, point of sale displays and swing tickets delivering to 140 stores across the UK. Each store required a different combination of graphics depending on the size of the store and range of products stocked. A big job in itself made even more complex due to stores in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland all being affected by localised trading controls.

Our ability to collate, pack, dispatch and delivery check large, complex orders has been carefully honed over decades of working closely with multiple outlet businesses such as clothing retailers, automotive dealerships, trade counters and whole cash and carry operators. There’s no secret technique, it all comes down to being proactive and very organised!


Window posters delivered to retail stores across the UK
Retail promotional campaign graphics


Our aim is to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. So once we’ve received the order and collated the store requirements and dispatch data, we set about checking every detail and planning each next step meticulously.

• All dispatch data supplied by Craghoppers was rigorously verified to make sure all addresses were correct
• Item collation spread sheets were prepared detailing each stores requirements
• Localised lockdown delivery timescales for each location were checked and logged
• All deliveries booked in accordance with their destination restrictions
• Proof of delivery checks completed for all stores

When it comes to making sure our clients have everything they need, nothing will beat us. For example, during lockdown many of our motor dealership clients ordered social distancing printing to put in place for when their showrooms re-opened. However, as many client contacts were working from home, and their premises were closed, our delivery partners were struggling to gain access. We contacted each dealership contact to arrange a safe drop-off location.


Happy team leader:

CSDPrint’s Fulfilment team leader Kerry Austin said…

“I love the approach we have to fulfilling clients’ orders. It’s based on the winning combination of the latest technology and bags of initiative. We take all the data we can get our hands on and build really detailed spreadsheets – we have the Queen of Spreadsheets here at CSDPrint! All data is double-checked for accuracy and any anomalies are meticulously resolved. For everything to run to plan we have to make sure every bit of information we have is absolutely accurate.”
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