Case Study:
Sustainable products need sustainable product display units

CSDPrint has been very fortunate to have worked with UK-leading electrical lighting manufacturer BELL Lighting for many years. It’s not just their loyalty that we appreciate, we also love the challenges they bring to us!

Established in 1920, BELL Lighting has stayed ahead of the lighting game by always looking for ways to improve its products and services. Just like us, the business is family run, and strives to provide the highest standards of customer service, standards that will keep its customers coming back for more.


Having developed the first sustainable modular downlight – the Firestay Geo – BELL Lighting wanted a sustainable unit suitable for displaying its latest innovation. We have worked together before on a number of free-standing product display units for the company and relished the challenge of testing materials and designs this time for a highly eco-friendly solution.

free standing product display units made by CSD Print
Sustainable printing materials can be recycled and fully recyclable
A range of printed point of sale products


Although the products themselves don’t weigh a great deal, the display units needed to be durable to withstand a wholesale environment and roomy enough to provide a storage option. The big difference with this display unit is that as well as enticing customers to pick up the new product, it must also encourage customers to return used units for recycling.



We have previously used Foamex and acrylic for FSDUs but we wanted to find a strong, 100% recyclable material that was light and cost-effective. Having tested several different substrates we opted for 10mm natural Swedboard which is a top-quality structured rigid paperboard.

Prototypes were produced and tested; each time small adjustments were made to accommodate BELL Lighting’s exacting requirements until prototype no.4 was given the thumbs up.

Our Vutek printer and Dyss cutter then swung into action to produce 100 units. Each one was individually packaged ready for BELL Lighting to dispatch as required.

So, the next time you are in your electrical wholesalers, look out for the Firestaygeo display from BELL Lighting with its nifty integral recycling box.

Happy Client:

Commenting on the project Adam Haigh, Head of Marketing at BELL Lighting, said:

“CSDPrint has done it again! Stephen and his team have listened carefully to what we needed and then set about making sure the design and material choice ticked every box. The units are spot on and we are so pleased that our newest sustainable lighting fixture has a fully recyclable display unit complete with its own integral recycling receptacle.”
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