PVC Banners

If you are looking for a really adaptable graphic then you might want to consider PVC banners. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor advertisements and displays.

We’ve invested in all the latest, high-tech, wide-format digital printing technology so we can produce PVC banners here at CSDPrint. This means we can turn your banner orders around very quickly whilst keeping the quality absolutely spot on.

Our printed banners are used both indoor and outdoor advertising and can be attached to almost anything. For example railings, fences and walls or they can be hung from ceilings and scaffolding. They can also be supported by their own frames if you prefer a freestanding banner.

We offer two fixing options. We can either hem and eyelet your banner so that it can be fitted to a wall, fence, railings or trees using cable ties or rope. Alternatively we can create pockets along the edges to enable the banner to be attached to a pole system or scaffolding.

All the materials we use are weather resistant, so you can be sure your bright, bold promotions will last.

All our PVC banners are tough, durable and excellent value. We can supply these large format outdoor displays in a large range of sizes up to 2m high and virtually any width.

There is also a choice of material. We use high grade PVC and PVC mesh for banners that are to be placed in windier locations.

Ideal uses:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Garden centres
  • Outdoor events
  • Construction sites
  • Roadside promotions  
  • Elections and protests

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