Illuminated & Non-Illuminated Tray Signs

CSDPrint’s tray or pan signs are manufactured using powder coated aluminium or composite aluminium which is also known as Dibond.

These wall mounted signs which can be illuminated are flat faced with return edges that create a ‘stand-off’ effect. We can produce your tray sign to any size and the returns can be any depth too. They can also be any colour or shape and we offer a number of profiles.

Essentially these are very flexible sign formats that can easily be adapted to suit your tray sign location and brand requirements.

Tray Signage

One of the biggest advantages of tray signs is that they are very easy and neat to install. There are no unsightly fixings because the sign covers them. Simple aluminium angle brackets and self-tapping screws are used to wall mount your sign.

Who Have We Made Tray Signs For?

  • A high street boutique chain who wanted a sleek signage solution that aligns with their luxury branding
  • A hotel group who wanted to stand out from their competitors in a busy city centre location
  • Car dealerships who need their large advertisements to be visible day and night
  • An advertising agency who wanted unique interior signage to reflect their highly creative personality


Tray signs are not just for big companies though, smaller businesses who want to grab their customers’ attention like our tray signs because the raised, three-dimensional effect is really impactful.

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